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iTEV 90

Multi-Electrode Clamp Amplifier

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HEKA is pleased to release its first fully computer controlled multi-electrode clamp amplifier. The iTEV 90 amplifier is a complete two-electrode voltage and current clamp amplifier providing the option to add a third electrode.

Two-electrode voltage-clamp (TEV) of Xenopus laevis oocytes is easily applied for the rapid screening of ion channel function, in particular in pharmacological experiments. However, conventional TEV hardware is not straightforwardly operated by technical personnel because adjustment of the electronics requires considerable practical experience. Moreover, the faithful interpretation of experimental data is often compromised by an incomplete control of all physical parameters determining the voltage clamp performance. HEKA therefore designed and implemented a hardware/software combination with HEKA's new LIH 8+8 AD/DA interface built-in. This arrangement minimizes total recording noise, eliminates compatibility problems and reduces additional equipment expenses and set-up times. The built-in interface utilizes the latest USB 2.0 and high speed processing technologies without the need for a peripheral PCI card.


The iTEV 90 provides complete software control featuring full digital calibration and tuning as well as automatic operation via the electrophysiological data acquisition software PATCHMASTER.

The iTEV 90 combines automation for ease of use with the capability of a detailed investigation of the measurement configuration and recording. Many operations can be automated in order to speed up experiment and more important guarantee a reproducible operation of the amplifier. At the same time all parameters of the amplifier and data acquisition system are stored with the data for later review. The iTEV 90 further more allows to monitor raw signals from various points in the amplifier circuitry.

With the iTEV 90 we introduce a method for automated clamp parameter adjustment on basis on a network analysis of the individual measuring configuration. This assures stable and reproducible settings of clamp gain and integrator time constant.

  • Fully computer controlled, e.g. gain, stimulus filter, filter and clamp gain can be set from the software.
  • Full data integrity; a complete set of amplifier and acquisition parameters are stored with the data to allow detailed review and analysis later on
  • Automated calibration and testing algorithms
  • Easy to use software interface provided by PATCHMASTER
  • Automated clamp parameter adjustment
  • Automated transient compensation
  • Slim headstage design
  • Size compatible to EPC 10 headstages
  • Dove tail mounting adapter or base plate allow easy mounting on your manipulator

The iTEV 90 offers the option for use of a third current electrode which can be used for various purposes:

  • as an extracellular field compensation by injecting a fraction of the cell's membrane current at a point outside the cell into the bath solution.
  • as an additional intracellular current injecting electrode.


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