Technical Support

Our goal at HEKA is to minimize the time you have to spend on training with our instruments and software. That way, more of your time and attention can be devoted to your research. As a result, we are always trying to keep our software user friendly, while at the same time maintain its versatility, flexibility and functionality.

We provide exceptional pre- and post-sales customer support. If you have technical questions, there are several ways to find the answer and seek assistance.

If you do not find the answer to your questions within our webpages, please contact the support hotline. Our support team consists of experts from a variety of fields.

You will get assistance from electrophysiologists, electrochemists, electrical engineers, and software engineers. You may contact our hotline either by phone, fax, or e-mail:

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Phone: +49 7121 90925 609
Toll free:+1 800 272 2775
Phone: +1 508 893 8999
Fax: +1 508 429 5732

The most efficient way is to send us an e-mail. Please remember to include the specifics of your experimental system (i.e. amplifier type, software version, Mac OS or MS Windows). This enables us to address your issue more specifically and will help avoid unnecessary delays.

Limited Tech Support

We regret that technical support can no longer be provided for products that were discontinued very long time ago. Parts availability is limited for some old products, too. We will do what we can to help, but we cannot commit to the same level of support that you will receive for our newer products.

Products which cannot be supported any more:


  • EPC 10 Patch Clamp Amplifiers (Single, Double, Triple, Quadro) with built-in LIH-1600 interfaces (optical cable connection)
    !!! The EPC 10 USB Patch Clamp Amplifiers (Single, Double, Triple, Quadro) are still maintained!!!
  • EPC 10 Plus Patch Clamp Amplifiers (Single, Double) with built-in ITC-18 interfaces
  • EPC 9 Patch Clamp Amplifiers (Single, Double, Triple) with built-in ITC-16 interfaces
  • EPC 8 Patch Clamp Amplifier
  • EPC 7 Plus Patch Clamp Amplifier
  • EPC 7 Patch Clamp Amplifier
  • ITC-1600 AD/DA Converter
  • LIH-1600 AD/DA Converter
  • ITC-16 / PCI-16 AD/DA / USB-16 Converter
  • ITC-18 / PCI-18 AD/DA / USB-18 Converter
  • PCI-1600 express AD/DA Converter
  • EPS 16 - Probe Selector
  • TIB 14S - Trigger Interface
  • PG 310 / PG 310 USB
  • PG 340 / PG 340 USB
  • PG 390 / PG 390 USB
  • PG 284 Potentiostat
  • PG 285 Potentiostat
  • HCB 20
  • HCB 50
  • PIP 5
  • MIM 3
  • MIM 4


  • EPC.DLL (C Code library)
  • POTPULSE (Upgrade to POTMASTER software available)
  • TIDA
  • POS Software
  • Asyst for DOS (Electrochemistry)
  • ATARI Software