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EPC 800 Firmware update

We are delighted to announce that firmware version 3x0x90 for the EPC800 Dual-control Patch Clamp Amplifier has been released.

The new firmware
  • features improved compensation algorithms.
  • enables you to further fine-tune automatically adjusted parameters.
  • provides feedback about settings on the panel. Unsupported states are reported.
  • includes additional enhancements, new features and fixes.

If you own an EPC800 Amplifier, we strongly recommend that you apply the firmware update. Please contact us by phone or email for further details.

EPC 10 USB Revision "T" Latest Improvements

HEKA is now shipping EPC 10 USB Patch Clamp Amplifiers of hardware revision "T". The revision "T" amplifiers include the following new features:

  • extended voltage stimulus range to +/-2V
  • extended voltage measuring range to +/-5V
  • increased current injection capability by a factor of 5
  • iFilter-2 usable for current or voltage signal

iTEV 90 Fully Computer Controlled Oocyte Clamp

HEKA introduces its first fully computer controlled Oocyte Clamp Amplifier system iTEV 90. This two electrode voltage and current clamp amplifier system features automated clamp parameter adjustment, automated hardware transient compensation, slim size headstages and much more...
Furthermore, the iTEV 90 offers the option for an additional current electrode.

Imaging Extension for Patchmaster, Potmaster, and Chartmaster

HEKA introduces the new IMAGING Extension, which can be used in combination with HEKA's acquisition software packages PATCHMASTER, POTMASTER, or CHARTMASTER. Image acquisition and sample illumination is synchronized via the Pulse Generator of the acquisition program, guarantying exact timing on the Ás level. Fluorescence mean values from regions of interests (ROIs) are plotted online and stored together with the data acquired from the patch clamp amplifier or potentiostat.

Red Star Headstage Low Noise Headstage

All EPC 10 USB patch clamp amplifiers are now equipped with our new "red star" headstage with improved noise specifications. The new EPC 10 USB headstage labelled with a "red star" yields even lower noise values. Especially the most relevant bandwidth between 1 and 10 kHz could be improved.

Typical Noise RMS values are:

Red Star Headstage EPC 10 / EPC 9 Headstage
31 fA (1 kHz) 35 fA (1 kHz)
72 fA (3 kHz) 90 fA (3 kHz)
120 fA (5 kHz) 150 fA (5 kHz)

This new "red star" headstage is also available separately as replacement of older headstages of EPC 10 and EPC 10 USB patch clamp amplifiers.

Optionally, special headstages for patch amperometry applications and for 3-electrode configurations are available on request.

EPC 800 Patch Clamp Amplifier

HEKA is proud to introduce a manually controllable patch clamp amplifier with analog telegraphing outputs for Gain, Filter Bandwidth, Amplifier Mode and C-Slow. The EPC 800 USB allows third-party acquisition software (e.g. IGOR, Labview, pCLAMP) to read the status of these amplifier settings while recording data.

The EPC 800 USB features automatic compensation routines for Vp-Offset, C-fast and C-slow, includes the low noise "red star" headstage and offers the fast true current clamp circuitry for accurate recording of fast neuronal action potentials.

PIP 6 Pipette Puller

The PIP 6 has taken all of the exceptional features of its predecessor, the PIP 5, while providing additional improvements to further increase the reliability and reproducibility in the fabrication of micropipettes for nearly any use.

The working distance could be increased for capillaries up to 150 mm in length and the adjustable pipette stop allows fabrication of multiple pulled pipettes to exactly the same lengths.

ElProScan Electrochemical Probe Scanner

The HEKA ElProScan is an Electrochemical Probe Scanner for various investigations of electrochemical active surfaces. It belongs to the family of the scanning microscopes like AFM, STM or SECM.

The ElProScan can be used as a normal SECM but it is much more than that. The chief difference is the application of any electrochemical method (free programmable pulse protocol) at the tip and not only the recording of tip currents. During the protocol, an independent method can be applied to the sample and run simultaneously with the method applied to the tip. ElProScan, therefore can also be used for active electrochemical surface modification.

EC Tools - Add on to Potmaster Electrochemical methods - free of charge

The EC_Tools are user friendly masks which help to use a certain electrochemical method or application.

The masks contain only the parameters of interest, the most potentiostat settings are done automatically in respect to the timing and potential resolution of the corresponding experiment. Each mask contains explanations of the stimulation sequences or explains the entire method using graphics or cartoons.

EC_Tools help to get quickly the results of the corresponding electrochemical method and the results of analysis. The selfexplaining user interface requires only a minimum of documentation and guides with comments and diagrams through the method. EC_Tools can be used for standard measurements in industry or for teaching purpose at universities.

Video Format Tutorials

In our ongoing efforts to provide excellent customer support, HEKA is creating PatchMaster and FitMaster tutorials in video-format.

Users can now view step-by-step some of the various approaches used in software configuration, acquisition and analysis for everyday applications.

These tutorials should prove to be a very valuable resource for HEKA software users at all levels. HEKA will consistently add to the tutorial database and we welcome user suggestions.

New HEKA Electronics facility in Chester, Nova Scotia

HEKA Electronics Inc. has grown and flourished to the extent that we have just opened a new facility in Chester, Nova Scotia.

This will provide the infrastructure required to conduct leading research and development, increase production capabilities and cater to customer sales and support requirements.

On September 7th, 2011 the opening was celebrated with an open house. It was an opportunity for HEKA to thank all of the people involved in making our dream facility a reality and showcase some of our new product developments.