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  Get an easy start with PATCHMASTER!


We provide a monthly PATCHMASTER training for beginners and prospective users. The basic principles of this powerful electrophysiology data acquisition software will be discussed and demonstrated. As we want to provide a class-room experience, the number of attendees is limited. Register here for your seat.

Click here to watch a recorded session.


The S-Probe is out now.

The unique feature of the S-Probe is the massively reduced size and weight compared to our standard headstages. This increases the area of applications e.g. wherever the experimental space is limited or where the weight of the headstage itself matters.

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Software Updated

The MASTER software family with its members PATCHMASTER, FITMASTER, POTMASTER, PGMASTER, CHARTMASTER, EPCMASTER and CALIBRATOR had been updated to version 2x90.1 Click here to learn about the new features and bugfixes and download the new version.

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  • Synchronized image/sample acquisition illumination.
  • Fluorescence mean values from ROIs.
  • Combined storage of all data.

Imaging Extension
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The New Extendable Techniques Available for ElProScan

ElProScan Methods

ElProScan ELP-1 and ELP-3 platforms now offer much more than a traditional SECM. The following cutting-edge techniques have been implemented by HEKA’s newest hardware and software. Please contact us for more details.

  • Scanning Photoelectrochemical Microscopy (SPECM)
  • Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM)
  • Scanning Electrochemical Cell Microscopy (SECCM)
  • Scanning Microcapillary Method (SMCM)
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iTEV 90 Computer Controlled Oocyte Clamp

HEKA introduces its first fully computer controlled Oocyte Clamp Amplifier system iTEV 90.


  • Automated clamp parameter adjustment.
  • Automated hardware transient compensation.
  • Slim size headstage
  • Additional current electrode available.

iTEV 90
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A joint collaboration between Sensapex and HEKA
resulted in a very unique solution

It is now possible to use a Sensapex micromanipulator with the HEKA EPC 10, EPC 800 or iTEV 90 headstages. The Sensapex Intermediate Cable provides a solution to decouple the headstage from the
micromanipulator and eliminate thermal
drift and vibrations transmitted from the
headstage cable. Its design features
an excellent shield, minimal
capacitance and high flexibility.

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EPC 10 USB Revision T - Latest Improvements

HEKA is now shipping EPC 10 USB Patch Clamp Amplifiers
of hardware revision "T".

New Features:

  • Extended voltage stimulus range to +/-2 V.
  • Extended voltage measuring range to +/-5 V.
  • Increased current injection capability by a factor of 5.
  • Filter 2 usable for current or voltage signal.

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EPC 800 USB Patch Clamp Amplifier

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We are delighted to announce that firmware version 3x0x90 for the EPC 800 USB Dual-control Patch Clamp Amplifier has been released. The new firmware

  • features improved compensation algorithms
  • enables you to further fine-tune automatically adjusted parameters
  • provides feedback about settings on the panel
  • includes additional enhancements, new features and fixes

If you own an EPC 800 USB Amplifier, we strongly recommend that you apply the firmware update. Please contact us by phone or email for further details.